Six Tips for Better Sleep. My Interview In AHALife

Laura Benko - September 20, 2017

When I was interviewed by AHALife, for their “Good Guide” they wanted to know some of my tips for a better nights sleep. Here is the interview:

If you’re struggling with getting better sleep, you’ve probably tried just about everything—meditation, melatonin, a warm glass of milk… Well, have you tried feng shui? Laura Benko, author of The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space, is a master at helping people create stress-free spaces through a modernized version of the ancient art. “We all live these busy, chaotic lives with schedules that can be overwhelming. I want to help my clients create spaces that hold deeper meaning, that flow efficiently, that are beautiful and inspiring and wholly their own,” she says. So, we wondered: How could we use feng shui in our bedrooms to get a more restful sleep? We tapped Laura for answers.
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The Holistic Dog: Inside The Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space has launched!

Laura Benko - July 16, 2017

It’s here! The Holistic Dog: Inside The Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space (Helios/Skyhorse) has launched and is now available on Amazon and soon, where ever books are sold! What makes this book so special is that it is both a reference book for holistic canine care, as well as a stunning coffee table book of photographs of dogs in their spaces accompanied by their unique stories.

After writing the stories of 108 dogs, I noticed that there are often deeper lessons behind the dogs we choose to have in our lives. Compassion, perseverance, companionship, exercise, care taking, patience or unconditional love are all some of the life lessons that these four legged creatures teach us.
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The Best Candle in the World: The Lux Lotus

Laura Benko - May 23, 2017

It has been a long time in the making, but the worlds best candle has finally arrived! The Lux Lotus candle by The Holistic Home Company has elevated the art of the candle to new heights. Each cement vessel is hand poured and made while holding a positive intention. The wick is made from organic cotton, the wax is non-GMO soy and the scents are made from the finest, rarest fragrances and essential oils from around the world.
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What Does It Mean To Be A Successful Woman in Business? Here’s My Answer.

Laura Benko - March 16, 2017

Earlier this week, I was asked by ClickMedia to answer the question, What does it mean to be a successful woman in business? I thought about how I defined success and how that definition has changed through the years, as I’ve grown both in self and business but I hadn’t really thought about it in specific detail. One of the great side effects of being asked to give an answer that will be published widely, is that it causes you to pause and evaluate your perspective. In gathering my thoughts, I realized that my intuition seems to be what has guided my success. Here is the answer I gave them:
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The Holistic Dog: Inside The Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space

Laura Benko - March 6, 2017

After my book , The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space came out, I was having a conversation with photographer Susan Fisher who shot the cover photo, and we thought it would be fun to do a book together. We quickly started talking about dogs in their spaces and before we knew it, The Holistic Dog: Inside The Canine Mind Body Spirit and Space was born. My inspiration for this project was my Irish Terrier, my sweet boy, Yogi. The book comes out August 1st, 2017, just in time for National Dog Month! Here is what to expect in the book:
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Most Loved Valentine Gifts Touch the Mind, Body, Spirit & Space!

Laura Benko - February 5, 2017

A main philosophy of my book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space delves into making effective, positive changes in your life through a holistic approach. By addressing anything in your life – even gift giving! – through a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual perspective, you are implementing a multi-level approach that is deeper, richer, more effective and more meaningful for the recipient. And who wouldn’t want to give gifts that rock?
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Forget New Years Resolutions and Just Do This…

Laura Benko - December 27, 2016

A New Year inevitably brings a yearning for a clean slate, a new you and fresh beginnings. Its almost innately programmed into us, with the most popular question on the eve of the New Year being, “What are your new years resolutions?” Losing weight, drinking more water, working out more, being more organized? These are the top promises people make to themselves and the discouraging facts are, only 8% of people really stick to them. It’s damn hard to change deeply ingrained habits overnight. So, here is my three step, slightly unconventional way to make some powerful changes happen easily. Trust me.
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Give Holiday Gifts with Meaning This Season

Laura Benko - November 5, 2016

For some people, they know exactly what they want to give their loved one for the holidays. For others, maybe its a bit more overwhelming. tries to take out the stress of the season by making your gift giving options much easier and a bit more meaningful. With divisions that range from BEAUTY to HOME to DOG, and much more in between, we’ve got it all covered. We specialize in personalization and can wrap up gifts adding a hand burnished wooden name tag with the recipients name. We can add your loved ones name on a gold label to a cylindrical glass container of gold tipped Positive Intention Matches! You can even choose the scents you know they love under “Custom” and create a salt scrub or sugar facial scrub that is made just for them!
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Creating Mindful Spaces, The Holistic Way. My Interview In Ivy Mark

Laura Benko - October 16, 2016

Recently I did an interview for Ivy Mark, a cloud based business management tool for interior design professionals. I was asked a gamut of questions from my own personal journey to how Feng Shui has evolved to how it can help interior designers and more. Here are some of the questions and answers from that interview that clear up misconceptions about Feng Shui and specific ways you can tap into these principles to enhance your own space.
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The Holistic Dog: Inside The Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space – Coming Soon!

Laura Benko - July 31, 2016

My first book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space delves into the connections between our spaces and ourselves. It came out earlier this year and has already been a huge success – and has even went into a second printing! I am thrilled to announce that my second book, The Holistic Dog: Inside The Canine Mind, Body, Spirit, Space is well underway and will be available everywhere books are sold in the spring of 2017. The book will be a coffee-table style book with pictures of the dogs in their spaces taken by
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6 Ways Your Home is Unhealthy (And its not what you think!)

Laura Benko - May 22, 2016

We often think about the health of our bodies. Sometimes these thoughts extend to the health of our living spaces, but these worries are almost always about the physical aspects of our surroundings. Concerns like non-toxic building materials, a lower load of plastics, HEPA filters, no moldy drywall from China, sustainable furnishings – these are all the typical concerns that the general population contemplates in regards to a healthy home. But what most people DON’T think about
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A Pop-Up Shop and Book Signing at Jivamukti!

Laura Benko - April 27, 2016

I am so excited to be doing a pop-up shop of The Holistic Home Company goods and a Holistic Home book signing April 29th and 30th. I’ll be at the Jivamukti boutique at Union Square from 11am-8pm. We are debuting our new Body Oils, Beauty Serums and yoga mat, face & space sprays that we’ve made just for Jivamukti! Check out these wonderful formulas that enhance your yoga practice and your state of mind while naturally ridding your mat of anything bacterial, viral or microbial.
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Media Attention for The Holistic Home Book

Laura Benko - January 25, 2016

On January 19th, 2016, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind Body Spirit Space released everywhere books are sold. Leading up to this date and beyond, there has been a nice amount of press and talk. What I find so interesting, is the variety of wide ranging publications it has been featured in, which is a true testament to the extensive spread and growing development of what The Holistic Home offers. Without question, there is a growing movement for people seeking more from their spaces than just a place to put their stuff. There is an enormous trend for cutting edge developers pursuing more than a marketing tool to attract conscientious home buyers and a reason why a highly respected school of architecture and design – Pratt – offers a class based on my book. Ushered in on the heels of eating organically and living sustainably, this, is the new lifestyle movement of mindful living.
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Desiree Guedez Named Director of Operations of The Holistic Home Co.

Lisa Rodriguez - January 22, 2016

Last month, Desiree Guedez was promoted to Director of Operations of The Holistic Home Company after stellar performances that guided the company to record sales over the last two quarters. “Her strategic decision making skills, extraordinary creative talents and insights for future sales trajectories have been decisive and exceptional.” says Founder of The Holistic Home Company, Laura Benko. “I’m fully confident that with Desiree in this position, we are poised to continue to grow and reach new heights with the company. We have so many new and exciting opportunities on the horizon and Desiree has been an incredible asset to us.”
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Color The Holistic Feng Shui Way! My Interview for House Beautiful

Laura Benko - January 4, 2016

I recently did an interview for House Beautiful on color. It was a great opportunity for me to break Feng Shui superstitions and myths. Heads up. You don’t need to paint your front door red to have “good Feng Shui” – especially if you don’t like the color. Read on to see how Lauren Piro at House Beautiful put together this article in such a succinct and clear way and even created the color chart seen here to perfectly illustrate my words.
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Three Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Laura Benko - December 20, 2015

Most people feel invigorated by the fresh start of a New Year to begin resolutions that will enable them to be the best versions of themselves. However, most resolutions tend to teeter off in tenacity within a few months. The Holistic Home: Feng Shui For Mind Body Spirit Space reveals how by connecting your self and home together, you will have an advantage in obtaining your goals and reaching a longer lasting transformation. Here are some tips that you can do within your own home that will help create the most supportive environment possible for you to stick to your goals.
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Want to Wake Up Fully Rested? Try These Mind Body Spirit Tips

Laura Benko - December 3, 2015

There are specific actions you can take to greatly enhance the quality of your sleep. As with my book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind Body Spirit Space and my business, The Holistic Home Company, it’s all about looking deeper within the surface of your space, to tackle your challenges by using three planes of action – mind, body and spirit – in your home to evoke the most effective change. The mind covers the psychology of how we dwell and the subconscious symbolism in our surroundings. The body portion is
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Forget A Showplace Home. A Home That Bears the Traces of Real Life is Best.

Laura Benko - November 17, 2015

In my upcoming book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui Your Mind Body Spirit Space, I talk about creating spaces that not only reflect who are are, but help elevate you to where you hope to be. One aspect of that means creating a home that heralds who you are and fully serves those who live there by being efficient, meaningful, inspiring and mostly organized. By “mostly”, I mean having organizational systems in place for things like keys, a method for filing papers and recycling but NOT stressing yourself out when creative messes occur or the toilet bowl is less than sparkling. If you are stressed about the order of your space, your guests and occupants will be too. That stress can effect each person differently over time. (Not feeling comfortable in your own skin, uncertainty with decisions, feeling a loss of identity, anxiety or nervousness.)
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My Outrage with UPS!

Laura Benko - October 31, 2015

I’ve NEVER written a post like this before. But I am FURIOUS with UPS for damaging an extremely important package, giving me the run-around about it, making false promises of saying that they would definitely call me back twice and never did, and denying a legitimate claim to reimburse what they ruined. It all began when I sent out the most important package of my career. It was so important that I packaged it with extra care, bubble wrap and peanuts and even took out FIVE TIMES the amount of insurance! I put FRAGILE stickers on every side. When the UPS deliveryman arrived at the recipient’s porch, he dropped it there and tried to walk away without even ringing her bell. She came out and was horrified that the box was busted open on all sides, had small holes, a caved in area on top and black marks all over that looked like tire marks. She brought it in and immediately took a picture of it.
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The Holistic Home Company Goes Into Retail!

Laura Benko - September 10, 2015

It’s been a little over a year since I launched The Holistic Home Company, selling luxury goods online for the mind, body, spirit, space and I finally felt comfortable to venture into wholesale. Uncommon Goods picked up two of my gift sets, one is the Deluxe Scrub Set and the other is the Aromatherapy Spray Gift set. The Aromatherapy Spray Gift Set has become a huge hit. I’ve had to scale up my business to keep up with the orders, hire new employees, get more space for materials and luckily, the business has adjusted well with the new pace. Selling online has been great but I felt The Holistic Home Company was ready to expand to brick and mortar spaces and it could not be just any place. It had to be special. It had to be a place where the energy of the space matched the energy of my products. I set the intention, put it out there to the Universe, and it happened.
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My Book! The Holistic Home: Feng Shui Your Mind, Body, Spirit, Space

Laura Benko - August 1, 2015

For the last fourteen I’ve been working as a Feng Shui consultant. During this time, I lectured and taught around the country, yanking this ancient subject into the 21st century when needed. In some ways, my approach with Feng Shui shifted from my early teachings and I began to shed some of the arcane principals that didn’t make sense, I kept concepts that worked well for my clients and dropped all the teachings that were based in fear. (Ancient Feng Shui Pet Peeve #32, “A mirror in the bedroom will steal your soul!”) I began to address all areas of my clients life – not just for example that they had lots of clutter, but I’d delve into the real reasons they were holding on to stuff and accumulating. When I dealt with their emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of their space and self, their transformations were extremely effective and long lasting. Their stories, as well as my modernized, holistic Feng Shui approach became the inspiration for my book.
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Yoga, Feng Shui & Real Moments That Connect Everything

Laura Benko - May 19, 2015

Feng Shui and Yoga are both ancient practices that work with energetic flows – one within the body and the other within the home. Both have goals of improving well being with end results aimed at enhancing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself. As a Feng Shui Consultant I have the energetic flows pretty much covered inside my home but when it comes to another intimate environment – my body – I needed to amp it up because my recent visit to my hematologist /oncologist last week delivered some disturbing news. It had been years since I practiced yoga regularly and I knew it could have a positive effect on my health but I needed motivation to get into the groove again. So, when the yoga studio
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Find The Best Mother’s Day Gifts at Uncommon Goods!

Laura Benko - April 25, 2015

I love Uncommon Goods. They feature unique products that are handmade, made in the USA or recycled. They’ve curated their collection with a keen eye for design and a kind heart for sustainability, fair wages and giving back. I like them. Thats why I was especially thrilled when they picked up two of my gift sets. The aromatherapy spray gift set and the deluxe scrub gift set. They wanted them in time for Mother’s Day and I get it. Mom will love this like nothing else!
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Misconceptions about Feng Shui That Need To Stop!

Laura Benko - March 20, 2015

Today Huffington Post Home posted another article about Feng Shui that made my blood boil. Publishing articles like this on a topic that is already often misaligned and misrepresented only further portrays this ancient art of placement as hokey and superstitious! The article stated that mirrors in the bedroom are bad because “When you see a human image in the mirror, you’re inviting another person into your relationship, whether that’s your relationship with yourself or with your partner.” This was a “Feng Shui” quote given by someone who’s website says she is a professional stager/designer and calls herself a “marketing professional”. (And this quote makes me wonder “what does inviting another person into the relationship- not with your partner- but with yourself mean???”). Huffington Post Home, you can do better!
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Preparing Your Mind Body Spirit & Space for Spring

Laura Benko - March 1, 2015

Spring arrives this month on March 20th. For some of us, it couldn’t happen soon enough. There are many things that you can do to help usher in this new cycle so that the best may unfold for you this season. And I am truly confident that if you take the time to implement these tips, you will certainly feel a difference in yourself and your space. Feng Shui teaches us that when you syncopate with the seasons, you are in synch with the universal forces around you and when that happens, you are
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Feng Shui for Love! Tips to Bring It, Tips To Keep It!

Laura Benko - February 7, 2015

Ahh, love is my favorite topic so I’ll get right into it. As most of you know, my feng shui recommendations are never as simple as suggesting you add some pink flowers in the relationship corner of your home and then wait for love to appear in your life. It’s much more. It’s closely examining your surroundings and seeing if they are congruent with your relationship goals. It’s
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My Intent: To Have Mallika Chopra Write The Foreward For My Book

Laura Benko - February 5, 2015

I’ve never written a post before that was just directed toward one person only. But it’s my intention that this one individual will read this and feel inspired to write the foreward for my upcoming book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui Your Mind Body Spirit Space and understand why she is a perfect fit. Mallika, I hope you are reading this, because this is for you, my Intent Mentor.
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Filming Feng Shui Segments for

Laura Benko - January 31, 2015

Yesterday a production crew from came to my home to film twenty Feng Shui segments. I’m excited to be their new expert on the topic. The crew was amazing, fun, respectful of my home, focused with their tasks and I enjoyed their company all day. The segment topics were picked mostly from the algorithms of what people were looking for on this topic – which I find very interesting. Here are some of the titles:
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The Power and The Beauty of Essential Oils

Laura Benko - January 16, 2015

Essential oils are more than just a heady, intoxicating, concentrated scent that transports you to other worldly places. Each drop contains molecular DNA information from the plant, leaves, roots or flower they are steam distilled and cold pressed from. That means, if processed correctly, the plants intelligence is alive and active and can really have an impact on your state of mind, health and mood.
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My Interview In Healing Lifestyles & Spas

Laura Benko - January 3, 2015

Recently I was interviewed by Bess O’Connor for an article on color therapy that was featured in Healing Lifestyles and Spa’s. Bess asked some great questions. Read on to discover ways that color is effecting you.
By Bess O’Connor
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Don’t Forget To Clean The Energy of Your Home!

Laura Benko - December 29, 2014

With the New Year here, most people feel motivated to start it off by doing a deep cleaning of their home. Organizing and cleaning the dirt, grease and grime are all essential, but have you thought about cleaning your home’s energy? Over time, the predominant emotion that occurs in your space gets imbued in the energetic matrix of your home. Whether thats illness and arguments or love and laughter or a mix of both, your home’s atmosphere could use a deep cleaning and the New Year is a perfect time to do so.

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The Holistic Home Company is the Top Choice for Best Holiday Gifts. Here’s Why:

Laura Benko - November 3, 2014

The Holistic Home Company makes beauty products with meaning. Every step of the way. From the pure ingredients (the scrubs have no fillers, synthetics or additives) to the quality of essential oils to the fact that YOU get to choose the top, middle and base notes. That’s right. Go to “Choosing Your Scents” at the bottom of each aromatherapy product page and discover what speaks to you. If you need more energy, more focus, more joy or to release anger and negativity. There are essential oils that help with every malady you can think of. And it doesn’t stop there. Your scrubs are made while holding a positive intention for you.
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Losing Your Confidence? Look Inside Your Home For Help

Laura Benko - September 12, 2014

When I have clients that suffer from a lack of confidence, an inability to speak up or they struggle with their own identity, I always look inside their home for specific ways these issues are physically manifesting in their surroundings.
Each and every time, I am able to point out the connections between their challenges in life and how it shows up in their intimate environment. I’d like to give you these tools of empowerment and show you what to look for in your home.
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The Holistic Home Company Has Launched!

Laura Benko - July 29, 2014

So happy to say that The Holistic Home Company has officially launched! It started with my daughter Lulu and I wanting to make handmade Christmas gifts with meaning for friends and family. When mass feedback arrived “you should seriously consider making these professionally” I laughed. I didn’t have the time – especially with my book coming out next year. After being in development for a TV show, suddenly potential investors came around for meetings with me that left me feeling
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A Lesson In Letter Press & Life

Laura Benko - July 11, 2014

Within five minutes of meeting Peggy Vance, I had to tell her that she had great energy. She is something special. Peggy is a woman with an easy breezy conversational style that exudes both warmth and interesting information on any given topic . You immediately feel at ease around her.
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How My Bone Marrow Cancer Became A Blessing

Laura Benko - May 29, 2014

In 2001 I came down with a bad upper respiratory cold and upon a routine doctor visit, my blood work indicated something more serious was going on. After quickly being diagnosed with a rather grave prognosis, my head was in a WTF spin when 24 hours later my primary care physician was suggesting an “inevitable” bone marrow transplant and a maximum of four years left to live.
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Launching Soon: The Holistic Home Company!

Laura Benko - May 11, 2014

I’ve been busy making products, sourcing artisans, obtaining trademarks, creating labels and designing a website for my new company that will launch next month. (The name of my company is also the name of my upcoming book, The Holistic Home, which comes out Fall 2015.) It has been a thrilling and exhilarating process as each product makes its way from an embryonic vision to a tangible product that has been imbued with pureness and positivity and bears the Holistic Home logo.
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Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body, Spirit & Space

Laura Benko - April 25, 2014

Cycles are all around us. From colossal planetary cycles down to a women’s inner fertility cycle, we are constantly taking cues from sun up to sundown (yes, another cycle that guides us). That is why its so important to syncopate yourself to the rhythms of the Universe. When you do this, you innately feel better. Life seems easier. You are aligning yourself for the best to unfold, for synchronicity to sky rocket and for you to feel like you are in groove, not against it. Here are three tips you can do that will have a significant impact on your mind set and well-being.

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Holistic Home Goods – Products With Meaning

Laura Benko - March 28, 2014

It began as simply my daughter and I wanting to make gifts with a deeper meaning for friends and family this past Christmas. We started months in advance. I thought that since we made our own body scrubs and candles anyway, we’d start there. Then we decided to add a soy candle to the “deluxe gift box”.
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Feng Shui Your Computer

Laura Benko - March 18, 2014

Over 365 million people in the world own a computer. Whether its purpose for you is research, connectivity, entertainment, functionality or work, your dependence upon it can take up a significant portion of your life. With so much time in your life dedicated to this digital machine, you are going to need effectual ways to deal with the downside of all that it comes with. Here are four different tips to immediately implement.
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It’s Official! My Book Deal Announcement For The Holistic Home!

Laura Benko - February 26, 2014

For thirteen years I have been working on my book. It started with me taking notes after each one of my Feng Shui consultations over the years and then sharing some of these client anecdotes (with names and identifying characteristics changed) during my Feng Shui lectures. People loved these stories. Their responses were overwhelming! Feedback on the course review surveys would mention the client anecdotes as their favorite part. Some lined up after the lecture was over to tell me that that was the highlight for them or what they found the most interesting. It helped them wrap their brains around this esoteric subject and relate to it in ways that they deeply connected with.
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An Unconventional Valentines Tip

Laura Benko - February 7, 2014

I love February solely for Valentines Day alone. While some may bitterly see it as a manufactured holiday for Hallmark and FTD to make money off of (I get it – the last thing I want my husband to come through the door with are some overpriced, ubiquitous red roses) and we certainly won’t be adding to the clichés by going out for a romantic dinner that night (the night before or the night after – yes) but I love this day of love, cupids and romance and I ardently celebrate all of my loved ones on this day! I look for anyway I can herald the message of the day. A sandwich might be cut into a heart for lunch and a meatloaf might be shaped into a heart for dinner.
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Holistic Home Manners: Six Rules of Etiquette

Laura Benko - January 22, 2014

By now, most of you know that my vocation and passion is the Home. And I’m not just talking decorating and all things design. I love to make the deeper connections of the intimate home environments we create for ourselves to the issues in our lives. I see the connections loud and clear and I respect how it all physically manifests and reveals itself when you look beneath the surface. That is why it’s equally as important to show thoughtfulness and respect in other people’s homes. You are treading on their subconscious turf, their comfort zone and their design arena all in one intimate space. Here are my six rules of etiquette to help be a gracious host and guest:
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Sustainability: Beyond The Typical Green

Laura Benko - January 14, 2014

Whether I am consulting for developers on a new hi-rise or hired by the management of a tropical resort, I try to take them beyond the typical, systematic recycling plan, the “right” light bulbs or expected greywater solutions. By now, we know all that. Today, an all-inclusive “green” environment is one that not only meets the utmost sustainability criteria, but also truly nourishes and supports all aspects of the greater whole of who you are –emotionally, physically and spiritually.
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My “Bad Feng Shui ” Awards

Laura Benko - January 5, 2014

In determining which items make the list for a “Bad Feng Shui” award, they need to fulfill the requirements of following four categories: Bad Design (arguably not aesthetically pleasing on any level), Bad For The Environment (contains known carcinogens, toxins or irritants), Bad For Your Well-Being (its not efficiently designed, its poorly made or it doesn’t make your life easier/better/healthier/happier) and my personal favorite, Bad Juju (an overall, negative energetic quality). I’ll start from #5 and work up to #1.

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The Feng Shui Behind Matchmaking

Laura Benko - December 29, 2013

Many of my consultations over the years have centered on clients who are looking for love and are feeling unsuccessful. Whether it is a thriving millionaire or someone in between jobs struggling to make ends meet, I always find there are hidden themes that physically manifest in their homes that represent the real underlying cause for being single. By bringing these symbolic connections to my client’s attention, their reactions may run the gamut from a tear-filled revelation of a big “a-ha” moment to intense discomfort or denial because I am delving into and shedding light on one of their issues they’d rather keep buried. Either way, once awareness is heightened and necessary changes are implemented in their home, a shift in their relationship perspective will inevitably occur that enables them to more easily and fully embrace a healthy, balanced and loving relationship. Read on
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“And Now I’d Like To Thank….My Home”

Laura Benko - December 19, 2013

Most people don’t think to express gratitude to the structure that protects you and your possessions – you know, that intimate environment you have created for yourself that you call Home? I’m here to remind you to take some time to spread the love to your beloved four walls once in a while. A home that is filled with gratitude feels warmer and more inviting. It’s the energetic foundation that inexplicably makes one identical home feel much different than the other. Here are three ways you can do this:
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Does Your Home Reflect Your Lifestyle?

Laura Benko - December 4, 2013

Recently I was interviewed by Jenni Hulburt, a Health & Fitness Coach who believes in the power of Nature, moving her body and living her dreams. Her questions were smart and insightful – just like her website.
Learn how to have a healthier, “Nature-Fed” home, why Feng Shui can get confusing and what it is exactly that I do with this Holistic Design stuff….below are her questions and my answers.
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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving – And Meaning It!

Laura Benko - November 25, 2013

Most people take an opportunity on Thanksgiving to gather hands around the table and herald their gratitude for all things obvious – from good health to loving family and friends. These expected pillars – health and love – are essential to acknowledge but can become a bit of a conditioned , memorized routine at the holiday dinner table when true appreciation often slips through the cracks like a slotted spoon of gravy. So, how do you begin to value and acknowledge it all and really mean it? Try these three tips:
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Mind, Body, Spirit, Home….and Kids: My Top 3 Design Tips For Homes With Children

Laura Benko - November 21, 2013

Over the years, I’ve helped many clients who have kids in finding a design balance between too loose and chaotic vs. too controlled and precious. I’m also a mom. And I like to live in a home that not only looks nice but is completely functional, beyond comfortable, fits our needs and evolves like we do. I’ve gathered my most effective tips below so you can obtain that design sweet spot too.
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