What Does It Mean To Be A Successful Woman in Business? Here’s My Answer.

monthly-hackathon-1-e1489513722502-150x150Earlier this week, I was asked by ClickMedia to answer the question, What does it mean to be a successful woman in business? I thought about how I defined success and how that definition has changed through the years, as I’ve grown both in self and business but I hadn’t really thought about it in specific detail. One of the great side effects of being asked to give an answer that will be published widely, is that it causes you to pause and evaluate your perspective. In gathering my thoughts, I realized that my intuition seems to be what has guided my success. Here is the answer I gave them:

Laura Benko, Founder of The Holistic Home Company & Author of The Holistic Home

I attribute most of the success I’ve achieved in business to how I’ve utilized my strong female traits. Listening to my customer, really hearing what my buyers need has served me well. Also, tapping into my intuition – even sometimes when on paper, the logistics or financials don’t support it in the moment – has helped me to take risks to scale up my business to another level, where if I hadn’t, I would not be challenging myself or growing my company. When I blend my intuition with my creativity, whether it’s for product development or an ad campaign, I thrive and feel invigorated.

It may sound like a stereotypical, simplified breakdown, but for me, being a successful woman in business means I am celebrating these attributes and combining them with analytical, critical maneuvers when needed to allow the best to unfold. I aim to be a good example for my daughter, as she witnesses how I handle the ups and downs of the day-to-day activity of being a female business owner.



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