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Forget A Showplace Home. A Home That Bears the Traces of Real Life is Best.

Laura Benko - November 17, 2015

In my upcoming book, The Holistic Home: Feng Shui Your Mind Body Spirit Space, I talk about creating spaces that not only reflect who are are, but help elevate you to where you hope to be. One aspect of that means creating a home that heralds who you are and fully serves those who live there by being efficient, meaningful, inspiring and mostly organized. By “mostly”, I mean having organizational systems in place for things like keys, a method for filing papers and recycling but NOT stressing yourself out when creative messes occur or the toilet bowl is less than sparkling. If you are stressed about the order of your space, your guests and occupants will be too. That stress can effect each person differently over time. (Not feeling comfortable in your own skin, uncertainty with decisions, feeling a loss of identity, anxiety or nervousness.) read the full article

My Outrage with UPS!

Laura Benko - October 31, 2015

I’ve NEVER written a post like this before. But I am FURIOUS with UPS for damaging an extremely important package, giving me the run-around about it, making false promises of saying that they would definitely call me back twice and never did, and denying a legitimate claim to reimburse what they ruined. It all began when I sent out the most important package of my career. It was so important that I packaged it with extra care, bubble wrap and peanuts and even took out FIVE TIMES the amount of insurance! I put FRAGILE stickers on every side. When the UPS deliveryman arrived at the recipient’s porch, he dropped it there and tried to walk away without even ringing her bell. She came out and was horrified that the box was busted open on all sides, had small holes, a caved in area on top and black marks all over that looked like tire marks. She brought it in and immediately took a picture of it. read the full article

The Holistic Home Company Goes Into Retail!

Laura Benko - September 10, 2015

It’s been a little over a year since I launched The Holistic Home Company, selling luxury goods online for the mind, body, spirit, space and I finally felt comfortable to venture into wholesale. Uncommon Goods picked up two of my gift sets, one is the Deluxe Scrub Set and the other is the Aromatherapy Spray Gift set. The Aromatherapy Spray Gift Set has become a huge hit. I’ve had to scale up my business to keep up with the orders, hire new employees, get more space for materials and luckily, the business has adjusted well with the new pace. Selling online has been great but I felt The Holistic Home Company was ready to expand to brick and mortar spaces and it could not be just any place. It had to be special. It had to be a place where the energy of the space matched the energy of my products. I set the intention, put it out there to the Universe, and it happened. read the full article