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Forget New Years Resolutions and Just Do This…

Laura Benko - December 27, 2016

A New Year inevitably brings a yearning for a clean slate, a new you and fresh beginnings. Its almost innately programmed into us, with the most popular question on the eve of the New Year being, “What are your new years resolutions?” Losing weight, drinking more water, working out more, being more organized? These are the top promises people make to themselves and the discouraging facts are, only 8% of people really stick to them. It’s damn hard to change deeply ingrained habits overnight. So, here is my three step, slightly unconventional way to make some powerful changes happen easily. Trust me. read the full article

Give Holiday Gifts with Meaning This Season

Laura Benko - November 5, 2016

For some people, they know exactly what they want to give their loved one for the holidays. For others, maybe its a bit more overwhelming. TheHolisticHomeCompany.com tries to take out the stress of the season by making your gift giving options much easier and a bit more meaningful. With divisions that range from BEAUTY to HOME to DOG, and much more in between, we’ve got it all covered. We specialize in personalization and can wrap up gifts adding a hand burnished wooden name tag with the recipients name. We can add your loved ones name on a gold label to a cylindrical glass container of gold tipped Positive Intention Matches! You can even choose the scents you know they love under “Custom” and create a salt scrub or sugar facial scrub that is made just for them! read the full article

Creating Mindful Spaces, The Holistic Way. My Interview In Ivy Mark

Laura Benko - October 16, 2016

Recently I did an interview for Ivy Mark, a cloud based business management tool for interior design professionals. I was asked a gamut of questions from my own personal journey to how Feng Shui has evolved to how it can help interior designers and more. Here are some of the questions and answers from that interview that clear up misconceptions about Feng Shui and specific ways you can tap into these principles to enhance your own space. read the full article