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The Holistic Home Company is the Top Choice for Best Holiday Gifts. Here’s Why:

Laura Benko - November 3, 2014

The Holistic Home Company makes beauty products with meaning. Every step of the way. From the pure ingredients (the scrubs have no fillers, synthetics or additives) to the quality of essential oils to the fact that YOU get to choose the top, middle and base notes. That’s right. Go to “Choosing Your Scents” at the bottom of each aromatherapy product page and discover what speaks to you. If you need more energy, more focus, more joy or to release anger and negativity. There are essential oils that help with every malady you can think of. And it doesn’t stop there. Your scrubs are made while holding a positive intention for you. read the full article

Losing Your Confidence? Look Inside Your Home For Help

Laura Benko - September 12, 2014

When I have clients that suffer from a lack of confidence, an inability to speak up or they struggle with their own identity, I always look inside their home for specific ways these issues are physically manifesting in their surroundings.
Each and every time, I am able to point out the connections between their challenges in life and how it shows up in their intimate environment. I’d like to give you these tools of empowerment and show you what to look for in your home. read the full article

The Holistic Home Company Has Launched!

Laura Benko - July 29, 2014

So happy to say that The Holistic Home Company has officially launched! It started with my daughter Lulu and I wanting to make handmade Christmas gifts with meaning for friends and family. When mass feedback arrived “you should seriously consider making these professionally” I laughed. I didn’t have the time – especially with my book coming out next year. After being in development for a TV show, suddenly potential investors came around for meetings with me that left me feeling read the full article